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About Us

Studio Berkhout has more than 30 years of product and packshot photography experience. We have all the expertise that is needed for styling and photography.
Our studio is 10 minutes from the famous A’DAM Tower and the EYE Filmmuseum.
Due to our 20 studio sets, we can run multiple large productions simultaneously in our studio. Shooting top-shots, close-up details, and 360 photography have no secrets for us.
We are an experienced team who shares one vision: seeing your corporate identity in our product photos. Our concept combines exact styling, sharp photography, and professional image editing!
What is the best way to present your product? Mannequin photography, flat still, or hanging photography?
Call us for professional advice from one of our experienced stylists, product photographers, or image editors.
We will be happy to advise you.

Behind the scenne at Studio Berkhout

Meet The Team

Harald Berkhout - Founder and CEO of the studio

Harald Berkhout

Founder & CEO

As a young photographer in 1981, Harald was taught all the finesse of still-life photography by Hans Kroeskamp. With a passion for documentary photography and as the driven photojournalist he was, he accomplished publications in magazines like Panorama, Beau Monde, Glamour, Avantgarde, JFK, and many more.


Through a mix of stills in fashion & product, he started the fundamentals for Studio Berkhout. His progressive views were recognized by significant firms like Scotch & Soda.


Besides photography and Studio Berkhout, Harald has a great drive for custom-made software solutions and workflow solutions. He is doing this for clients worldwide.

"Staying creative, innovative, and spontaneous will bring you success, clear perceptions, and control in imaging.

Jenny - studio manager

Jenny Tang

Studio Manager

Jenny is a key player in ensuring that all projects are executed efficiently and delivered with the highest quality.

Jenny is known for her direct and clear communication style, making her an effective point of contact between Studio Berkhout and its clients. Her expertise in the fashion industry allows her to connect with clients and build strong relationships, ensuring that their needs are met throughout the project.


With her commitment to excellence, Jenny is a valuable member of the Studio Berkhout team. Whether you're a fashion designer, stylist, or photographer, you can count on Jenny to deliver outstanding results.

"Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

Dimitri - Styling Manager

Dimitri Overtoom

Styling Manager

With his exceptional eye for detail, Dimitri has become a vital member of the Studio Berkhout team.

Dimitri began his journey at Studio Berkhout as an intern and worked his way up to the Style Manager position.

As the Style Manager, Dimitri is responsible for overseeing the creative direction of the company's projects, ensuring that each one is executed to the highest standards of excellence. 

"Dimitri is a great asset for the team.

Tomaz - Photography Manager

Tomaz Vello

Photography Manager

For more than 15 years, Tomaz’s been creating high-end product images for diverse industries, such as jewelry, home appliances, food, and fashion. Most recently, product film production.

In the past, he ran a studio in Brazil, where he had the opportunity to work for major brands, each of them a significant player in its area, Vivara, Morana, Maxior, Antonio Bernardo, Hering, Acer, Midea Carrier, Fran’s Café, among others.

"Collaboration and teamwork are vital to the creative process. In converging different visions, we innovate and achieve results that exceed expectations.



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