Image editing

We shoot fashion in all varieties: Clothing, bags and jewelry. Our expertise brings out the best in your design, by revealing even the smallest of details. Through the ultimate reproduction of all nuances we’re able to supply your presentation with a wow-effect.

Our productions are multifunctional. Sometimes modeled clothing can be more appealing (in print for instance). Through our ‘Ghost imaging’ – product shots of clothing without model – we offer a perfect solution. Our post production specialists convert these shots into perfect modeled clothing images.

Free Standing Service

Would you prefer your product to stand free? We will make the background disappear, using handmade clipping paths. On request we provide floating images in any format.

Color Correction

Stop worrying about colors in your images not matching with the originals. With our 15 years of experience working for the most discerning clients we can help you out; no problem!


The finishing touch is made by the finest retouching.

Styling Correction

Sometimes clothing does not fit on either the mannequin or model, possibly caused by a slight variation in size. A typical problem that styling correction can solve! We convert the existing image into a perfect one with the proper size, making the shoulders and waist look natural and with the adequate perspective.

Manipulation (montage)

A different perspective? Perhaps a new horizon? Or clothing photographed underwater? Brilliant results can be made through manipulation.