Our Services

Dedicated, experienced and with joy is the work ethic of Studio Berkhout. With this work ethic we realize your perfect product photos. Good to know is that we handle your images with great care and integrity. Thats why we only work with high secured softwares and systems. We can guarantee 100% safety of your images.

Whether you want moving images, 360 ° rotation processing, product photography, packshot photography or professional image editing the possibilities are endless with us. We aim high to deliver qualitative product photos in time and budget. We offer more than just our knowledge and experience, we work with our heart and soul to see your corporate identity in our productphotos!

Is this the first time you are thinking about product photography or packshot photography? Don’t worry, we are standby to give you the professional advice and support you need. All this will lead to the perfect result: your product with your identity in our exact styling and sharp product photos.

Visit our studio for a free test shoot with 5 items!

Integrity and dedication

We offer our customers only the best and can ensure the safety of your images. Without your permission, except the team of Studio Berkhout, no one else will see your product photos.

Quick in time delivery and high quality

We work around the clock to handle your product photos quickly and with the highest quality. Large production? with our 38 studio sets we can deliver effortless, within the agreed deadline your product photos.

Cost effective services

You can send us test files (RAW) files with instructions to get acquainted with our services (free of charge).

Unrivalled quality

We aim to provide stunning product photos in time and within budget – exactly how you want them.

Your feedback is precious for us

We stay on regular base in contact with our clients for feedback, Before, during and after a production we would like to have a evaluation moment. With your feedback we can continue to grow for opportunities and improvement.

Studio Berkhout offers a complete solution for photography and post-production. We are committed to a quick delivery and the highest level of a personal customer service.