About us

At Studio Berkhout it is our priority to shoot sharp product photos as the wish of our clients. Innovation in photography is a subject what we find interesting and continue to develop ourselves in. Our team has a great knowledge, experience and drive for fashion product photography, packshot photography and 360 photography.

We guarantee 99% colour stability of the actual product in our product photos!

Why do we find this important? De online shop experience for a customer starts by seeing a product photo. A product photo is a important factor if your online customer decide to buy your product. With sharp qualitative product photos your online customer won’t have unpleasant surprises when seeing the actual product. This could cause a serious decrease in your online profit. To prevent this we like to share our knowledge, experience and provide you with high quality product photos.

We would like to introduce some of our team members!

    Harald Berkhout


    As a young photographer in 1981 Harald was taught all the finesse of still life photography by Hans Kroeskamp. With the passion for documentary photography and the driven photojournalist he was,  he accomplished publications in magazines like Panorama, Beau Monde, Glamour, Avantgarde, JFK and many more.

    Through a mix of stills in fashion & product he started the fundamentals for Studio Berkhout. His progressive views were recognized by major firms like Scotch & Soda. Besides photography and Studio Berkhout, Harald has a great drive for custom made solutions for software and the workflow. He is doing this for clients worldwide.

    Staying creative, innovative and spontaneous, will bring you success, clear perceptions and control in imaging.

        Jenny Tang

        Head Stylist & Planner

        Jenny moved in 2005  from Vlissingen to Amsterdam with only a secondary vocational education (Branchemanager) degree. She started to study at the well known AMFI fashion academy. After a year she decided to work in the fashion industry. Jenny started as an assistant and in no time she was promoted to Head Sample coordinator. At a certain moment the company had gone bankrupt and so she met Studio Berkhout. Jenny participated immediately in several productions which worked out beyond our expectations. It took her some time to adjust but with her perfectionism and management skills, she was soon promoted as Head Stylist & Planner.

        Despite the daily confrontation with fashion, Jenny still experience fashion with a lot of diversity and approachable for everyone.

        Life is too short for bullshit.

            Dimitri Overtoom


            Dimitri started working with us as an intern while he was studying In & Outdoor Styling. Because of the internship he learned a lot about the tasks and work activities in Studio Berkhout. As an intern Dimitri was a great asset for the team. While his internship came to an end, Dimitri got hired as a parttime Stylist in our team.

            Dimitri is a great asset for the team.