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All skills needed for fashion and product photography provided at the highest level.
Stills, mannequins, flats, and model shoots. A high volume photography studio, Picturing complete collections at exceptional quality and reliable deadlines.


There are many leading companies among the clients of Studio Berkhout. To name a few:

Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Wahts, Catwalk Junkie, Bufandy, Claesen's, Caes, Carhartt, JFK Magazine.  


Our work does not end with styling your products or shooting sharp product photos. We also care that our product photos comply with high-quality norms, thanks to our professional image editing service. The product photos can be provided in any file format and, if required, ready to use the second you receive them!


It is our aim to provide stunning product photos in time and within budget – exactly the way you want them.


Studio Berkhout has more than 30 years of product and packshot photography experience. We have all the expertise that is needed for styling and photography. Our studio is 10 minutes from the famous A’DAM Tower and the EYE Filmmuseum.

Due to our 20 studio sets, we can run multiple large productions simultaneously in our studio. Shooting top-shots, close-up details, and 360 photography have no secrets for us.

We are an experienced team who shares one vision: seeing your corporate identity in our product photos. Our concept combines exact styling, sharp photography, and professional image editing!

What is the best way to present your product? Mannequin photography, flat still, or hanging photography?

Call us for professional advice from one of our experienced stylists, product photographers, or image editors.

We will be happy to advise you.


To shoot customised sharp product photos has priority at Studio Berkhout. Innovation in photography is a subject that we find exciting and are continuously developing in. Our team has excellent knowledge, experience, and drive for fashion, product, packshot, and 360 photography.

We guarantee 99% color stability of the actual product in our product photos!

We think this is crucial because the online shop experience for a customer starts by seeing a product photo, which then is essential for your client's decision-making. With sharp qualitative product photos, your online customers won't be disappointed when seeing the real product which could cause a severe decrease in your online profit. To prevent this, we share our knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality product photos.


Studio Berkhout BV
Asterweg 17-A25
1031 HL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Email: | Tel: +31 (0)20 4945335

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