Modern and innovative

During the 25 years of its existence Studio Berkhout BV has evolved into the number one studio specialized in still life fashion photography.

All skills needed for photography and styling, including those for a complete digital workflow are provided at the highest levels. The activities in Studio Berkhout are concentrated around fashion photography, from the making of stills to on-model fashion photography. Productions of fashion photo’s can involve picturing one single item or an exceptional detail up to complete collections.

High End Post-Production

At our location we run a total of more than 40 internal studios, all equipped for fast and adequate productions. We have a team of specialists available for you to cover all options from flat-shot,3D/360° product presentations. Thanks to our high capacity of more than 40 internal studios we are able to produce sales-increasing photography at any scale and impressive speed. And all output options, from iPad, webshop or print are supported. It goes without saying that the quality Studio Berkhout delivers meets the highest standards, whether for e-commerce, line Books, tablets & smartphones, product presentations in magazines or any other printed output.

Among the clients of Studio Berkhout are a number of leading companies. To name a few:
PVH, Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch & Soda, Calvin Klein, Converse, Joolz, Marie-Stella-Maris, Salle Privée, Rijksmuseum.